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Online Embroidery School
by Slauta

Your creativity starts here!

Discover an infinite World of Luneville Embroidery and start creating with Slauta School Online!


Welcome to the Unique Project, based on personal knowledge and experience. This knowledge was gained in numerous international internships, educational programs, many years of professional development, and participation in various collection creations, countless looks, costumes, accessories, and many more ...


If you are inbreathed by Haute Couture Embroidery with the applied Luneville technique, if you are constantly inspired by the world of High Fashion; if you are seduced by its diversity and complex execution, I am happy to invite you to participate in the New Program, where I involve you not only to the intricacies of Tambur embroidery but share all Secrets of true craftsmanship that had recently been available to such a limited number of people!

Choose Your Course Online

Pick the Pattern that you like the most!


Level I

Basic level of proficiency in Luneville Embroidery


Level II

Still Basic level of proficiency in Luneville Embroidery


Level III

Moderate level of proficiency in Luneville Embroidery


Level IV

Advanced level of proficiency in Luneville Embroidery

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About school

Tips and tricks. Sequins in the indian a

Introduction to embroidery

Офисный коридор

Courses in Studio


Why Online?



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Courses Online



If you wish to bring the unique embroidery program into your workshop and you have already had a group of fresh learners who would like to experience Luneville method of embroidery - I will happily assist you and develop such training scheme that brings not only valuable information but will also keep the distraction off from the main activity.