Program Four


One day, Winter comes in every corner of our planet: when it is long when it is short ..

And even if there is no snow, it rains, saturating the Earth and giving life to all..


Thus, I would like to share the fourth Program - Winter, as a fundamental continuation of all our seasons.



The following course is the most basic program among all others. Here, we shall capture the fundamentals of tambour stitching, Aari, and Luneville embroidery techniques.

Красивая девушка с афро

Should it suit me?

The winter course is ideal for absolute beginners in needlework. Gradually, we start from the very basis of embroidery and develop all our skills.


The program consists of two motives: Crystal Roses and Winter Garden. Step by step, we will complicate our task, adding more details, more texture, and more sophistication.

Course language

All programs are traditionally compiled in English, but it always assumes the presence of subtitles and printed materials in any possible language.



You won't need to search for the materials for this very embroidery: I suggest sending them directly to your home! Thus, we reduce any possible mistakes to a minimum! 


After purchasing the program, you will receive a complete list of passwords for each lesson, as well as private access to YouTube content!


The program includes 12 simple lessons with additional graphic elements, where one lesson may consist of 2-3 videos (in order to illuminate the subject from all sides).

Lifetime use

All video lessons will be opened forever: you may watch them an unlimited number of times, as well as download them to your device.



From the very beginning and in the process of mastering embroidery, I offer constant and unlimited support through any available communication channels.

Image by Liam Truong

Graduation certificate

At the end of the program, you will receive a personalized Certificate describing the course program you have completed, as well as unlimited guidance and support after.