Низ платья


3 cups


1 month

1-2 times a week

5 lessons

with care and love

 3 hours per lesson

Program in details 

The following topics will be discussed


  1. mounting the embroidery frame

  2. transferring the pattern to the fabric

  3. making the chain stitch with the Lunéville needle (using cotton, silk, and metal threads)

  4. processing beads, bugles, sequences, and various stones in embroidery

  5. applying basic methods of filling with satin stitch, beads, and sequins using French and Indian techniques.

  6. combining various materials and techniques


At the end of the program, we will make our first embroidery design/project using all known methods and techniques.

Мандала выполненная в технике Рыбья Чешуя, с использованием крупных и средней величины паеток
Мандала выполненная в технике "Зиг-заг"
Мандала с использованием основных видов строчек
Узор выплненный с использованием основных видов строчек: индийской и французской техниках


1. Embroidery Frame and a hook

2. Fabrics (silk, chiffon, organza)

3. Ribbon

4. Sewing kit 

5. Pack with the Accessories

All materials are Free!

The embroidery hook can be provided for temporary use in classrooms only, however, you may always purchase it from us.

For Whom is this course?​

  • Students of any creative specialty (age 14+) fashion, textile and tailor-made clothing (further development in the direction of Couture/Theater/Film costumes),

  • Teachers in fashion academies (specializing in embroidery in Couture/Theater/Film costumes/handcraft),

  • Bridal wear designers,

  • Tailors,

  • Fashion Designers and Artists 

  • For those who passionate about textile and all types of embroidery

Length of the Course

1 month - 6 lessons (3-4 hours length of each lesson with the coffee breaks)

Program Cost

upon request 

Ways of charge

Cards and cash

Nota Bene! 

Along with the Course (Online and In-person), you will receive:

  • Video materials for each lesson with subtitles (stepwise explanation)

  • PDF files on every lesson (details)

  • Complete information about materials we use in Luneville

  • Lists of specialty stores (with the delivery of these materials)

  • Detailed information on the use of Luneville embroidery in clothes, accessories or interior elements

  • Unlimited guidance  and support (in embroidery and design development)