Basic Embroidery Program. Little Handbag

In just five simple lessons, you will be able to create a unique detail for any, even the most special, case.

A small hand-made pouch may become not just a wonderful gift, but also serve you as an excellent excuse for learning Luneville Embroidery!

I wish you all the success!


Lesson 1

  • Subtleties of professional fabric mounting on an embroidery frame

Lesson 2

  • Introduction to the Luneville embroidery. Tambour stitches. Locs.

  • The basics of embroidery in French technique using sequins and beads

Lesson 3

  • Subtleties and tricks of creating the couture embroidery

  • Introduction to the Vermicelli embroidery technique

  • Let us start with our handbag!

Lesson 4 ​

  • Tips and tricks / escaping difficult moments in embroider

Lesson 5

  • Assembling our little handbag

The right color - is only Your choice! Pick what you like the most!