Autumn Theme

During the onset of cold weather, we mentally return to the most joyful moments of elusive heat and summer.

My third program was created exactly when the last and still warm clear days are interspersed with the gentle rays of the melting sun ...

- What is included in the Program -

  • 1 large embroidery pattern (consists of 3 fragments)

  • 13 pre-recorded video lessons

  • package of materials for embroidery with home delivery

  • availability in all languages ​​of the world

  • certificate at the end of the course program

  • unlimited support and advice

  • suitable for entry-level embroidery


About the program

This embroidery motif consists of only three fragments, which we will alternately place on embroidery frame and master all the basic embroidery skills...



It is unnecessary to search the materials for this embroidery program - I suggest sending them straight to your home!



All video lessons are recorded in English, with the choice of subtitles in any language..

Image by Laurent Peignault


At the end of the program, you will receive a personalized Certificate describing the course program you have completed.

Выпускники Холдинг Дипломы


The main task of this program is to explain in the simplest way the most complex methods and techniques in crochet embroidery.



In addition to the video tutorials, you will get the PDF instructions with the step-wise guidance, which will lead you through the course!

Дети Изучение алфавита


After purchasing the program, you will receive a complete list of passwords / keys for each lesson.

Image by Jason D


Throughout the course program, I offer unlimited support in mastering a particular subject/lesson, assuming help through any available communication channels.

Человек Проверка телефона

For whom

This course is designed for absolute beginners in both Luneville crochet embroidery and needlework in general!

Счастливые дети


The program consists of 13 lessons, where one lesson may consist of two to four videos (with the ability to illuminate the subject from all sides).

Vintage Light Balls


All video tutorials will be freely available to you: you can download them to your device. and use for the life-time

Image by Richard Balog

Continuation ..

After completing any of the online course programs, our work is not limited! We continue to share experiences, exchange ideas, and get inspiration from further patterns, embroidery works, etc..!

Творческое искусство