About School 

Hi! I'm Kristina, nice meeting you here!

Девушка с камерой

For a long time, I sincerely wanted to share my knowledge, experience, commitment to grace, and true craftsmanship, both with my colleagues in the Fashion World, and simply lovers of creating beauty.

In the past

Many years ago, having received an education, and, then, a job that allows me to travel around the world, I was looking for myself, for my inspiration. Even then, I understood that the aspect of creativity is the same muscle as those that make up our body.

"Creativity is the muscle that you just have to train constantly."

They say that it is many times easier for talented people to engage in any type of activity, to which the person has an addiction. But, unfortunately, I did not possess such features at all. In addition to enviable perseverance, which was more than enough, absolutely everything I had to learn on my own. However, from this experience, I was convinced that neither abilities nor giftedness leads to the desired result if you do not work on yourself constantly and do not dream and develop yourself from day to day. My abilities, ten years ago, were quite mediocre, and to be honest, very little came of itself. However, I have always been inspired by the history and evolution of fashion, and of course, the fashion shows that had always been amazing. Collections were true art and harmony. Precisely refinement that I wanted to consider endlessly.  

"However, I have always been inspired by the history and evolution of fashion, and of course the fashion shows. Collections were true art, harmony, and sophistication. Precisely sophistication that you want to consider endlessly."

While studying at the Academy

I was lucky to learn from the true professors! It was rumored that most of the fashionable schools had become commercialized to such an extent that education there not only did not provide the necessary knowledge but also produced a "mass market" without a hint of investing in their students any universal skill or developing their creative abilities. To some extent, this turned out to be true. The percentage of his success and relevance after completion of a particular program, participation in internships, various exhibitions depended only on the student himself - that is, the use of the maximum amount of free time, from the main study, for self-development. Whether it was additional courses or night gatherings next to an embroidery frame, whether it was festivals or creative projects, fashion shows or unpaid work for young professionals in Fashion Houses - I tried to delve into everything that I considered necessary for my inner search or self-approval in a new field. Now - about the main thing.

About the educational program

Having enlisted the support of teachers, new friends, and colleagues of our sewing laboratory, I created my own educational program, trying on its quality on myself and the approximate audience first. Taking into account the key, and, in my opinion, the most important points in creating the image of Haute Couture, I have developed a three-month educational program, which can be divided into three stages. In an individually tailored course, many factors play a role, the major of which is the person himself: his previous knowledge and experience.  


"Taking into account the key, and, in my opinion, the most important factors in creating the image of Haute Couture, I have developed a three-month educational course, which can be divided into three stages."

What do I offer you

At the very beginning of my studies, I was aware that any knowledge should be somehow applied in ordinary life, in the most ordinary day. Thus, observing how peers not only have a zero idea of their Fashion future, they do not know what they want, but also where to go and what to do after receiving a diploma. More often without having a clearly structured portfolio they changed the sphere of Fashion either in retail or in marketing - which, in my opinion, is also not bad. However, it is obvious that all of us at the beginning of the path dream of much more.. I always knew about my teaching abilities - therefore, even at the beginning of the journey, I knew that I wanted to share my own knowledge and experience with others, interact between masters and ateliers, artists and entrepreneurs, helping to open up, relax the personal creative line of an individual, directing to his uniqueness. So, you can apply all the knowledge you have gained immediately after completing the courses:


Basics of the Luneville Embroidery

  1. Intro to the professional embroidery frame

  2. Hand Set up

  3. Pattern transfer methods and techniques

  4. Intro to the Tambour stitch

  5. Intro to the Luneville embroidery with accessories (beads, bugles, sequences, stones, etc.)

  6. Applying basic methods and techniques of filling with and without accessories

  7. Embroidery project creation


Advanced Methods of Embroidery 

  1. Professional frame fixation and pattern\transfer 

  2. Into to the Aari (Indian) embroidery with accessories

  3. Mastering new methods of filling with various accessories

  4. Transferring patterns\fragments of the cloth (sleeve, cuff, collar, etc.) on the frame in order to form and embroider it

  5. Co-creation of an embroidered fragment of the cloth


Professional Embroidery Techniques.

  1. The Haute Couture 3D Modelling: textile parts procurement for exclusive tailoring 

  2. Draping and Moulage

  3. Transferring of the cloth's cut on the frame. Pattern formation

  4. Application of the embroidery on the fragment of the cloth

  5. Co-creation of the entire garment

Why are there only three stages?

Three stages or three months of training is an ideal period when without making any special efforts, you go through a full excursion of Haute Couture mastery. It is important that it is not necessary for you to take a three-month course: you must feel how ready you are to move from the first level to the second, or from the second to the third. Everything also depends on your hand and, of course, on the desire to immerse yourself in the creative process entirely.

At the end of the course, our work is not finished: we continue working towards creating your own portfolio. A kind of presentation will be formed not only of your works but of your personality. So, you can be sure that no abilities or skills will not go unnoticed.

"Upon completion of any of the stages, I will make your own creative project together, as well as compile a portfolio of your works online, with any goal you pursue: employment or opening your own sewing vs. embroidery workshop!"

Let's work together!


Most likely, the teamwork, as well as the continuous interaction bring the desired results much faster. Thus, if you have a disposition for creative thinking or a desire to acquire rare skills in embroidery and cut, do not postpone for the future that is offered right now!

Love, Kristina