About School 

Hi! I'm Kristina, nice meeting you here!


For a long time, I sincerely wished to share knowledge, experience, commitment to grace and true mastery, both with my colleagues in the World of Fashion, and all the lovers of beauty creation.

In the past

Many years ago, after having received an education, and, then, a job that allowed me traveling around the world, I was looking for myself, my inspiration. Even then, I understood that the aspect of creativity is a muscle as those of which our body and mind consist.

"Creativity is like a muscle that you have to train constantly."

They say that it is so much easier to develop creativity for someone who is already talented or have an attachment to these roots. However, I did not possess such features at all, except enviable assiduity and perseverance: everything I had to learn by myself without exceptions. After all, in my experience, I was convinced that neither ability nor talents lead to the desired result if you don’t work constantly on it: if you don’t dream and develop yourself day by day. Ten years ago, my abilities were quite ordinary, and to be honest, nothing much happened by itself. However, I was always inspired by the history and evolution of Alta Moda. And Fashion Shows, stunning everyone’s imagination... I saw true art, harmony, and refinement. The refinement that you may contemplate endlessly.

"However, I had always been inspired by the history and evolution of fashion, and, of course, the breathtaking Fashion Shows. Shows and Collections where you see the living art, harmony, and sophistication. The True refinement that you constantly contemplate."

During the studies

I was lucky to study with and learn from fantastic professors! Their hands were like butterflies slightly touching the fabric and making magic at every touch. There was a rumor that most of the fashion schools became so commercialized that the teaching process did not provide the necessary knowledge, but produced “mass market” without a hint of investing into a student of any universal skill or at least development of the person’s creative abilities. To some extent that turned out to be true. Only the student himself depended on the percentage of his own success and relevance after the end of a program: participation in internships, various exhibitions - involving a maximum of his free time for the self-development. Whether there were additional courses or nightly gatherings behind the sewing machine or frame, whether there were festivals or creative projects, fashion shows or unpaid work for young professionals in Fashion Houses - I tried to delve into everything I considered necessary for my internal search or self-approval in the new direction.

About the Program

I was exceptionally lucky having enlisted the support of my teachers, new friends and colleagues from the sewing laboratory, and thus, I decided to create an educational program, trying on its quality on an approximate audience of students. Taking into account the key points in creating the image of Haute Couture, I developed a three-month educational program, which can be divided into three stages (difficulty ranks), and individually cut for the particular group of people. Personalization of the program plays a major role since only by examining the previous experience of the prospective student we may achieve better results.


"Taking into account the key points in creating the image of Haute Couture, I developed a three-month educational program, which can be divided into three stages, that can be adopted by anyone."

My Offer for You

At the very beginning of my studies, I realized that any knowledge must be applied in everyday life, in the most ordinary, gray day. Thus, seeing how my peers could not have any concrete understanding of their Fashion’s future, nor they knew what they wanted, or where to go and what to do after having a diploma. Most often, without having a clearly structured portfolio, grabbing various courses, without a consciously set hand - they left the creative sphere for either retail or marketing - which, in my opinion, is also not bad. However, it is obvious that all of us at the beginning of the way dream of more. I always knew about my teaching skills, and at the very beginning, I knew that I wanted to share my knowledge and experience with others, to interact between craftsmen and ateliers, artists and entrepreneurs, helping to unfold, relax the individual, directing him according to his unique abilities. So, he can apply all the knowledge right after the course ends:


Basics of the Luneville Embroidery

  1. Professional Embroidery Frame Fixation (silk only)

  2. Hand Set up

  3. Pattern transfer 

  4. Embroidery skills development

  5. Basic embroider with accessories (beads, bugles, sequences, stones, etc.)

  6. Applying basic methods and techniques of filling with and without accessories in French and Indian style

  7. First Embroidery project creation


Complication of the basic Luneville techniques.

Application of the embroidery on the cloth template. 

  1. Professional frame fixation (any type of the fabric)

  2. Luneville skills enhancement: applying accessories on the fabrics with various thickness 

  3. Mastering new methods of filling with the sequences (on the thick fabrics)

  4. Transferring the fragments of the cloth (sleeve, cuff, collars) on the frame in order to form and embroider the pattern

  5. Co-creation of an embroidered fragment of the cloth


Professional cut creation.

Advancement of the embroidery techniques.

  1. Future product foresight development 

  2. The Haute Couture 3D Modelling with the paper: textile parts procurement for exclusive tailoring suits

  3. Draping and Moulage

  4. Transferring of the cloth's cut on the frame. Pattern formation

  5. Application of the embroidery on the fragment of the cloth

  6. Co-creation of the entire cloth

Three Stages?

Three stages or three months of training is an ideal time: when in your free from the main routine time and without stress or efforts you go through a full tour of Haute Couture Cut and Embroidery. It is also important that it is not necessary to take a three-month course altogether: you should feel and listen to yourself whether you are ready for the transition from the first level to the second, or from the second to the third. It also depends on your hand and, of course, on the desire to immerse yourself into the creative process.

At the end of a particular stage, our collaboration is not limited: we will continue working on your own creative portfolio. A kind of presentation will be formed: not only for your work but for your personal, meaning the creative development in the field you are interested in. So, you are sure that no talents or skills will pass unnoticed.

"Upon completion of any of the Stages, I will help to prepare your own creative project, as well as make a portfolio of your works, with any goal you pursue: finding employment or opening your own sewing vs. embroidery workshop!"

Let's work together!


Most likely, the teamwork, as well as the continuous interaction bring the desired results much faster. Thus, if you have a disposition for creative thinking or a desire to acquire rare skills in embroidery and cut, do not postpone for the future that is offered right now!

Love, Kristina